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#happyhumpday🐫 People dislike you because they either want to be you, they want to have you, or they see you as a threat💥 📸 @joetaranto . I worked hard for my physique, but one thing I always get questions about my breast augmentation. My doctor was @crsplasticsurgery ‘s Dr. Low! He did an amazing job, though I wasn’t an easy case he gave me the natural look I was going for. I have 605cc high profile silicone implants. I went from 325cc, to 450, to 605. The smaller sizes didn’t fit my frame just right (too separated, implant too small for the pocket, etc) but finally going bigger (for me) fit my shape 🙌 I’m also over the muscle, because I’m at the gym all the time, under the muscle and my constant flexing of my pecs, would seriously bother me and I’d get so sore after an upper body workout. 😤 Another key, I started with deflated breasts. Basically I used to be a natural size D, but through working out, I lost fat and volume in my breasts. I filled what was previously there, being at my body fat percentage my boobs would never look this full. 😅 Just because I have 605cc implants, doesn’t mean that size will make you look like me. Talk to your surgeon, bring in pictures and voice your concerns. 🙌 if there’s anything I missed please girls, ask below! 💕

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Javier V. Sánchez is a philosopher, producer, and a real North Native American Indian Shaman or Witch.
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